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outside the 
box is easier if
you don’t live 

in it

Where your Vision meets Creativity

Let me ask you this. When did you last have some fun in your business? Do you know what your Innovation strategy is? How important is IP and New Product Development (NPD) to your future growth?

Think back to when you started (or joined) the business – that excitement and ‘can’t sleep at night’ feeling, thinking of the endless possibilities to be pursued.

My ‘Visioning’ approach helps you rediscover that early excitement, creating the space that allows you to dare to dream and create a vision for the future that you and your teams can be inspired and empowered by once again.

Adding that Vision to a creative spark is powerful and will be the basis of your Innovation Strategy, helping you to uncover new product concepts and value adding patents, design rights and copyright that you never thought possible.

I am trained in IP (Intellectual Property) development and protection, with patents and design registrations in several territories, and can help to draw really creative ideas out of even the most conventional teams. Time spent with me will produce concepts that can be narrowed down to identify the ones that have the greatest commercial potential and practical scalability to be delivered.