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A client-focused
commitment to
supporting their growth

A Commitment to Fairness

It might seem a bit unusual for a business consultancy to talk about its Values, but that’s just one way in which we’re a bit different to everyone else.

I am committed to helping ambitious businesses grow and achieve their goals, and that means working in an open, honest and collaborative way with my clients. I work on sensible day rates and project fees, so you can be sure of the best support at an affordable price. And don’t worry, I won’t charge by the hour for follow up calls, emails and coffees, which means you can continue to benefit from my experience long after the project is completed.

As a Client-focused business, these are the 5 key Values I believe in:

  1.  The client is at the centre of this business. I will develop clear briefs and agreed outcomes at the start of the project with them, to make sure that they remain in control of the process throughout.
  2. I am committed to fairness and inclusivity. I am passionate in supporting those businesses that are usually excluded from accessing expertise due to lack of contacts, price or jargon.
  3.  I work alongside in-house teams to help them participate and take ownership of the project and its outcomes.
  4. No client or their team will be left with an unworkable or undeliverable ‘solution’. I will use my senior level experience and share our expertise to help guide them through it.
  5. My pricing is fair and transparent. Total project fees are agreed up front to avoid nasty surprises later on. And I definitely won’t hang around beyond my useful time!