Flexible Approach 2018-07-21T09:52:42+01:00

A flexible
approach that
puts you
in control 

Health, Wealth & Happiness

It’s true. These three things can co-exist, but as someone who’s led businesses I know it can also be lonely at the top. Whether things are going well or during periods of change and challenge, it can be difficult creating that balance between portraying confidence to your team whilst feeling that you could do with asking for advice from someone not involved with the business.

Having a little time out with a trusted person on the end of the phone or over a coffee to chat things through on an informal basis can help bring some perspective back. And from a health point of view that can help reduce your stress levels too.

Understanding what it means to be a leader in a company is what inspired my ‘switch on, switch off’ flexible service options. This puts you in complete control, choosing exactly how you want to take advantage of my knowledge and experience.

  • Ad hoc support and coaching
  • As a monthly ‘sounding board’ for ideas and discussion of challenges
  • As a Non-Executive Director or Board Advisor
  • Completing a specific project on branding or strategy
  • An ‘external perspective’ on brainstorming days to stimulate fresh ideas

The crucial thing is that you don’t have to face the issues of running a business alone. Having been there I will have valuable insights to help you, so give me a call.