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Where does the name ‘Primaverita’ come from?

The name is taken from the Italian for ‘First Truth’. It was inspired by a holiday in Rome and seemed quite appropriate when you think that the first truth in business is that the consumer always has a choice, so making sure you meet their needs as a brand is essential for commercial success.

What makes you different from other consultancies?

All of the advisors and consultants that I have carefully selected to be part of the Associate Network are independent operators, known to me, having worked with them directly or known of their reputation during my 30+ year career. I think of it as ‘my little black book’ of contacts that are now available to businesses seeking top quality help in achieving their ambitions. By working in this way, clients can access many diverse areas of expertise to provide the range of services that growing businesses need, such as IT, HR, Strategic Planning, Finance, and Operational support.

How does it work?

All initial contacts are managed by me. I take time during the free initial 2 hour consultation with a client to talk through the business goals and challenges with them, and start to frame the key issues and potential options. Once a clear idea of what is needed has been agreed, either I will accept the brief myself, or if it requires other specialist knowledge I will search our network for suitable and relevant trusted advisors and service providers. I will contact them to find out whether they are free to take on an assignment and if so I’ll link the client and the advisors up directly to develop a more detailed brief.

How are the costs worked out?

My costs are based either on a day rate or a total project fee. These will always be agreed up front with the client together with any chargeable expenses and limitations in terms of Budget or time available for the project.

The independent advisors in the Associate Network will have their own charges and will agree those directly with the client. However, none of the advisors on the Network are at the unaffordable rates often charged by other consultancies because our Mission is to bring experts within reach of all ambitious companies.

You can ask for a capped project fee, or agree outputs and deadlines as a way of ensuring that the meter doesn’t ‘click on too far’. Just make sure that you discuss your budget at the outset so everyone is clear.

What happens once a project is completed?

When all agreed outputs have been received and accepted by the client, the project is ended, it is officially handed over to you. However you may get a call from me from time to time just to find out how it’s going, and perhaps even get a referral if you are happy! Feedback, reviews and recommendations are always welcome.

How experienced are the advisors on the network?

In general, all advisors will have 20 years experience in a real business before becoming a consultant, so that they understand what it takes to be running a company or department at a senior level and can offer clients really practical advice. Some of the advisors ended their corporate careers as Senior Directors, Managing Directors or CEOs, and all are capable of offering strategic guidance in their specific areas.