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Connecting you with the right expertise

With Primaverita you have access to the widest range of independent specialists across a wide variety of functions that you need to grow your business.

As the Lead Consultant, I provide specific expertise in:

  • Business Strategy
  • Consumer Branding and repositioning

  • Sales channel development, integration and growth

  • Innovation strategy

  • IP development and NPD


Other senior consultants in the network can offer:

  • Finance services, including FD/CFO
  • IT systems esp. Financial services
  • HR and Organisational Design
  • Process mapping and LEAN improvements
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Logistics & Warehousing


Through the Associate Network we can also offer:

  • Design

  • Consumer Research

  • Advertising and Media

  • Alternative Funding


Why not send us an email now to find out how we could help you.