Case Study 6 – Brand Repositioning 2018-07-06T18:57:20+01:00

Extending a
commercial portfolio
through repositioning


Brand was a cosmetics brand owned by a larger multinational corporate group.


Brand suffering from a decline in sales with a perception that it has lost its role in the consumer’s portfolio.


A ‘Root and Branch’ review was undertaken, assessing all financial aspects, supply chain costs, consumer targets, gaps in market and NPD opportunities to reposition the brand whilst increasing revenue and profitability performance.
A clear brand repositioning was identified that not only gave a strong point of difference for the brand but played to the known strengths and reputation of the parent, providing greater credibility.

Outputs & Results:

The brand was relaunched with cost-improved packaging and a new range of products that more closer met the needs of the target consumer.
Significant sales growth and profitability improvement which has been sustained, means that it remains an anchor brand for the parent company today.
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