Case Study 4 – Business Strategy Development 2018-07-06T18:56:16+01:00

Lack of
clarity and unity
impacting future
growth planning


Privately owned specialist multi-channel brand owner in a premium sector that is becoming more competitive.


An influx of new Execs brought their own perspectives on the future of the business that did not necessarily align with the existing longstanding Board members, creating confusion, conflict at the Exec level, and a lack of strategic vision across the business.


Away days were set up for the executive team to breakdown and identify the core unique elements of the brand that could be developed to create a defendable ‘moat’ around their business.
A core Vision, Mission and key Values document was developed and taken back to the senior and middle management teams to engage them in the process and develop the ideas and action plans more completely.

Outputs & Results:

A cohesive Five Year Plan and company Vision that had the buy-in of the Board, international partners and employees, drafted as a one page document capturing all of the key elements as a reference point in debates and decision-making.
A financial plan was developed, in detail for the first 2 years, that gave clarity on potential decisions, investments and product focus for growth.
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