Case Study 3 – Innovation driven opportunities 2018-07-06T18:55:12+01:00

Change of
business model
to maximise
IP potential


An exciting innovator in the dried, on-the-go foods sector.


Lost their early mover advantage to a major competitor that was backed by a global corporation.
Rapid entry of aggressive competitors was driving down retail prices and therefore profitability of core lines.
Little differentiation of brand against competitors, making trade listings difficult.


Conducted consumer and desk research to identify a strongly defendable point of difference versus all other competitors that responded to the brand’s core consumer need and gave an opportunity for a longer term return on investment for shareholders.
Brand identity refreshed to provide greater standout and personality at POS, whilst pack formats were explored to meet the extreme portability needs of the core consumers.
NPD project created a distinctive and ultimately award-winning portable packaging format that had IP potential that was space efficient and halved carbon footprint in logistics.
Products were reformulated to enhance taste experience and added nutritional benefits.

Outputs & Results:

Patents were obtained in 8 global markets including Japan, USA and China, and obtained design registrations in 9 markets for the new pack format, allowing the business to develop a new license revenue stream with global companies.
Increased brand visibility and reputation for innovation, including attendance at conferences and exhibitions, where it was referenced as a case study in how a small company could make big ideas real.
Sales growth on original pack format in new non-traditional food outlets with reduced competition, subsequently licensed to third party.
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