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Aggressive market leader
eating into challenger
brand business


Privately owned mass consumer snacks company that over a period of several divestments of key assets was struggling to maintain a profitable brand business alongside a growing own label service.


The market leader was an aggressive, well-funded and highly visible division of a global corporation.
NPD was too slow in the face of strong competition requiring a more ambitious and speedy Process that could deliver new concepts that were soundly based in consumer demands and financial returns
Needed to integrate with the newly establish wider S&OP process.


Consultations held with all key stakeholders that identified gaps and blocks in the existing ways of working.
Reviews of other benchmark NPD processes conducted to highlight areas most relevant to the company’s needs that allowed a more agile approach to innovation and product development.
Lunchtime Innovation’ sessions set up with cross-functional attendance to develop concepts and encourage wider participation in the NPD process

Outputs & Results:

Development of simple Stage and Gate NPD process, with easy to complete financial documentation.
Training sessions held with all sites and key stakeholders to launch the process and give the opportunity for clarification of each stage and responsibilities.
Integration with new S&OP Committee to improve visibility of NPD in the business.
Two new innovative concepts progressed to market within 6 months
Additional unexpected benefits also for own label business which increased on the back of more interesting concepts being presented to grocery customers
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